A Replica Omega Is Like Walking On The Moon

omega replica

Omega is the last letter of the Greek alphabet. It literally means the last in any series. In other words, replica Omega is it. Go no further. That’s certainly what NASA thought 46 years ago when out of all the watches in the world it chose the replica Omega Seamaster. Last year, on the 45th anniversary Buzz Aldrin’s moonwalk, wearing one of the Omega replica 1:1 Speedmasters on his arm, Omega imitation watches came out with the Omega Apollo 13 as shown above. That is no small accolade. NASA tried to find an American watchmaker but nothing came close to Omega replica AAA grade watches.

All that to say I’m a big fan of fake Omega watches. You need to be mindful of where you buy your high quality Omega replica watches because not all replicas are high quality. In the past, I have purchased a couple of what I thought were good quality replica Omega watches only to discover that rather than a moonwalk I walked them straight to the garbage bin. One of my favorite replica Omega is the black Omega Planet Ocean. It has one of the most reliable chronographs in all the Omega imitation watches not to mention just about all replica watches period. Stop!

The Black Omega Planet Ocean Is The Hottest Of The Fake Omega Watches

High quality Omega replica watches have a reputation built on revolutionary watch movements. The chronograph created by Omega stands out head & shoulders above the competition, quite literally the top podium for the gold. Omega is the official timekeeper for the world Olympics. The best replica Omega watches are admired and used in all major sports where precision is critical. Hence why I like the Planet Ocean series and not necessarily because I’m an athlete unless racing to catch the bus which I am forever just missing counts. Check out the best replica Omega website and you’ll see that the Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean is the Omega of watches.

The Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean Chronograph is a clear statement on an astonishing tradition of watchmaking, a maritime legacy envied by all other watches, unparalleled innovation, and unmatchable quality. This is why high quality Omega replica watches are successful. With the striking black dial, 3 smaller dials, date window at 3 o’clock and dazzling sapphire crystal, this replica Omega is the one I would recommend to anyone. Well, maybe not anyone. I can think of a few people, especially resellers who ripped me off in the past, that I would rather recommend an omega crocodile but to my readers whom I appreciate, I would consider this the omega of Omega imitation watches.

The Orange Omega Seamaster Shouts With Expertise

Another replica Omega that I recently bought and was pleased with is the Orange Omega Seamaster. This watch with its bold features and striking color is a tribute to sailors and divers. The design of this jewel amongst fake Omega watches makes it an eye-catching beauty. First issued in the 1940s, the newer versions only get bolder and more stylish than ever. This particular Omega replica AAA grade wristwatch is astoundingly identical to the original. You will see only minor insignificant differences, something rarely found in replica watches. What I especially appreciate about this Orange Omega Seamaster is the beautiful orange ceramic unidirectional rotating bezel along with robust buttons and pushers. These details make it a replica Omega that will impress.

Replica Omega Leaves The Moon And Shoots For The Stars

There are omega men and alpha men and both will be found wearing good quality replica Omega watches.

On the right, we see our prototypical alpha male, 007 wearing an Omega Seamaster. An alpha male is a man tending to assume a dominant or domineering role in social or professional situations. Such as for example Mr. Bond here who needs to control or at least appear to be. The omega male, on the contrary, is the polar opposite of the alpha male but in a good way. Like the alpha male, he is confident, intelligent and has a sense of charisma about him. But unlike Mr. Bond, he is his own person in every sense. As exemplified by Colin Firth embracing Nicole Kidman in Before I Sleep as seen in the image on the left.

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